What is Mikomai exercise®︎?


MIKO's ceremonial dance

Mikomai exercise®︎ is a new exercise based on MIKO’s motion.With the movement of MIKO’s Mai, you can accurately approach the trunk and inner muscle.
It tightens the body and creates a feminine curvaceous beauty.


Refreshing mind and body

MIKO’s breathing leads to mental stability.
And you can train the inner muscle by MIKO’s behavior .
It can also be expected to be effective in building a healthy body.



original costumes

For extraordinary special experiences
By wearing original costumes, you can experience a special spirit that you do not feel in everyday life.
Even those who are not good at exercising can enjoy exercising.
Anyone with any body shape can start exercising.


Mind and body control

Mikomai Exercise ® does not move hard, but you can learn self-control of mind and body.
You can get a feminine and beautiful body.